Welcome to the Special Adviser Recruitment Process


Roles & Responsibilities

The role of a special adviser is to add a political dimension to the advice and assistance available to Ministers and Secretaries of State thereby enabling the political impartiality of the Permanent Civil Service to be maintained. The Conservative Party is recruiting for communications and digital roles. Anyone who takes on a special adviser role in Government is subject to security vetting checks. 

General roles and responsibilities of a special adviser

Special advisers provide political advice to ministers but also communicate the minister’s views to the department, the press, and on occasion the Party. They must cultivate a strong working knowledge of departmental business so they are able to effectively support ministerial and governmental priorities.

The role may involve reviewing papers going to the minister, liaising with departmental officials, and advising the minister on party political issues, particularly the presentation of new policies and major news stories. Special advisers may be called on to support ministers with Party functions like conference, ensuring Minister’s views are clearly articulated both within departments, across the party, and to the press.

Further information on the role of special advisers and how they work with Ministers and civil servants can be found in the special adviser Code of Conduct.

Further information on the status and required conduct of special advisers can be found in the code of conduct and the model contract.

Media Roles

  • Liaising with outside interest groups including groups with a political allegiance  
  • Speechwriting and related research, including adding party political content to material prepared by the Civil Service.
  • Representing the views of their Minister and the Party to the media.
  • Providing expert advice as a media specialist.
  • Help lead the Department’s media planning, and ensure that the Conservative Party’s viewpoint and priorities are borne in mind.
  • Liaising between figures in the Conservative Party and Ministers where work of government and work of the government party overlap. 
  • Individuals must be print, broadcast and social media literate. We are seeking different media backgrounds; journalistic experience is not a prerequisite. Corporate communications experience is advantageous.

Digital Roles

  • Advisers will help oversee the strategic vision for government social media platforms, from incubating ideas to developing long-term strategy and execution.
  • Candidates will have extensive experience of creating high quality, engaging and compelling original content. You will have a strong technical or creative background, or both, and will have worked across a range of content genres.
  • You will have a proven track record of creating memorable content, or growing stakeholder engagement and implementing strategies to drive reach.
  • You will have an excellent understanding of social platforms, digital formats and how the wider industry is evolving. 

Please include a showreel and/or portfolio of previous work for digital role applications.

Successful applicants will also possess the following key qualities:

  • Discretion
  • Ability to operate at a high-level under pressure
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Fast-learner